2012 Goals

So… here’s the thing. I already feel ridiculously behind you two due to the fact that I’ve been eating everything in sight for the past month and haven’t worked out in… well let’s not get into that. I’m not looking for sympathy or “aawww don’t say that”, it’s a fact that I have much further to go than either of you overall.

On that note, Goal 1: I will try my best to stay positive about this and not feel defeated up front.

Goal 2: Run a 5k by May 6. Work my way up to a half marathon in Spring 2013.

Goal 3: Get and stay below 120 pounds. Simply because it is the mid to upper range of my healthy BMI and I’d like to get back to that.

Goal 4: Workout at least three times a week. Bike to work on nice days!

Goal 5: Start doing yoga/ pilates again.

Goal 6: Learn one new fitness skill (dancing, trapeze artistry, ninjaing…)

Goal 7: Eat healthy- to me this means eating local, seasonal, and sustainable as much as possible in addition to basic healthy eating. Be good to my body and the world. Hippy dippy world peace yo.

Goal 8: Start cooking for myself. I want to cook healthy and affordable food, but I also really want to learn traditional Italian and Polish cooking. Events this year have made me want to understand and preserve family traditions and I think I can combine that with this.

Goal 9: Feel comfortable in my body. This will be the hardest for me I think.

Goal 10: Actually stick to this. Like Sandy, I am awful at following through with things. So hold me accountable- I will probably hate you for about 20 minutes, but I’ll get over it and be thankful in the long run. I promise.

Also, some personal goals. Just so they’re out there and someone can hold me accoutable for them.

1. New job

2. Start a photography/ art blog and keep it updated.

3. Update my personal website

4. Complete the “Gentile Project”

5. Be overall more positive in everyday life. Try not to be as angry, bitter, jealous blah blah blah.

6. Save money

7. Be open to new experiences. Don’t put anything off. Carpe diem. Say yes to the right things, learn to say no to people. All that stuff.

8. You guys will think I’m crazy- but take more pictures and DO SOMETHING WITH THEM other than just putting them on facebook.

9. Find the perfect wedding dress (awww)

10. Because I like even numbers… enjoy life. As my Dad says “Everything in moderation, including moderation”. be healthy, but have fun. 🙂

That’s it. Longest post award. I can’t wait to get started!

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