2012 Health Goals

As you may or may not know, I LOVE setting goals.  Below are some Health/fitness goals that I have set as “to do” by July:

– Visit the gym at least 14x a month (This should be easy right?  Apparently not for me…)

– Do 30 pushups in a row (I am certain I can complete this by July)

– Go on a 10 mile bike ride.


As much as I’d love to set a weight that I’d like to be at by this time next year, I feel that it is unnecessary.  Last year I had a few good months there of quality exercise and healthier eating-  it felt good.  I would like to get back to a place where I just feel good about myself because of how I am living and treating my body.  I feel that this is an awesome start for all of us to be happy with us 🙂


So, my new goals for the year Twenty-twelve include:

– Limiting my daily sugar intake (So less sugar from junk, more from fruits)

– Staying within my daily calorie limit through proper meals and healthy snacking

– Adding variety to my meals (This one will be tricky for me and I will definitely need help from you girls!)

– Do more cardio to help get my heart rate to a normal level during exercise (it gets ridiculously high)


Good start!  Excited for the new years party and an amazing 2012!


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