First Post and 5Ks!

So I was thinking as a way to kick off this blog, we should all post our personal goals for the year.

One of my goals this year is to run a 5k before my birthday, which as we all know is May 6 AKA best day of the year.

I found this website that has a few Chicago area based races taking place this year. I definitely plan on doing the Long Grove St Paddy’s 5K on March 11 and maybe the Chi Town 10K on April 1.

I thought it may be fun if you guys would like to join me! It’s $30 for the St Paddy’s race and $40 for the Chi Town race.

Also if you see any other races in the area, I’d be totally down! I figure if I have a set date to be kind of in shape by, it’d be more motivational than saying “I want to do something sometime this year maybe”.

Let me know what you think! I’ll post the rest of my goals later when I think of them. 🙂

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