My 2012 Goals and Expectations

Posting our goals for the year is a fantastic idea! Especially since I always make new ones at the start of the year, but then never tell anyone. No surprise, I’ve never been able to follow through on any of them.

My one event type goal for this year is to run a half marathon this summer. I’ve definitely expressed my interest before, but I know I should post it here to make sure I don’t chicken out of it. To prepare for it, I’ve been planning on running a handful of 5k/8k/10k races leading into the summer. SO, Patrice, I’ll be there with you for any and all races this year.

Another goal of mine is to pace my eating. I have the tendency to binge eat–especially late at night. And now that there isn’t another person around me late at night to hold me accountable, I need to learn the self control. Or replace my late night binge cravings with a healthier alternative/distraction.

My third goal is to write in our blog everyday. I tend to lose interest in things pretty quickly and I know I’ll keep trying to put it off. This is definitely where I need you all–to call me out if I miss a post! I used to journal every single day when I was younger like my life depended on it; I need to get back into that mindset.

These are my three big goals for this year apart from the obvious ones like working out regularly, lose a few pounds, and eating healthy everyday.

I’m really excited to start and very proud of us! 🙂


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