Grocery Shopping Part 1

How did everyone’s first day go?!

Let’s pretend I wrote this yesterday and did not totally ruin day 1 of blogging.

Seeing as I pretty much survived on chicken broth and water yesterday, I may be putting off working out until tomorrow. No judging.

We went grocery shopping today and did pretty well! We bought…

  • Parsnips- Parsnip soup. Yummy, filling, seasonal and healthy. What what.
  • Fennel- Fennel salad with lemon olive oil
  • Artichokes- Roasted artichokes yum
  • Chicken Lettuce Wrap stuff- Grilled orange ginger chicken, boston lettuce, bean sprouts, red peppers, and peanut sauce made with lite coconut milk.
  • Baked potatoes- Super healthy with greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I like putting broccoli and reduced fat cheese on them.
  • Oranges- Not seasonal, but cheap.
  • Couscous- Super fast and easy to cook and basically goes with anything.
  • Flatbread supplies- Onions, olives, and “Italian Sexy Cheese”
  • Shrimps- Maybe with with some couscous?
  • Tilapia- with lemon olive oil and couscous
  • Reduced fat popcorn- it’s like 100 calories a bag.

So tomorrow it all begins. First workout in way too long and…

  • Breakfast- Yogurt
  • Lunch- Lettuce wraps
  • Dinner- Tilapia, artichokes, couscous
Also DRINK MORE WATER. I’m pretty awful at that.


Also, this. I thought it was helpful!

3 responses

  1. Where did you find the picture for seasonal eating? It’s helpful because I’m never 100% what’s in season, but the image is a little hard to read.

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