Happy New Year!

First and foremost, thanks, Jackie, for reminding me that blogging starts TODAY and not tomorrow when our non-new year’s resolution diets start. For some reason I combined the two in my head. . . like today (the first day of the new year) is non existent.

I’m glad our plans start tomorrow, only because my meals today have consisted only of leftover cold pizza, Gatorade, and Shin ramen–all fantastic post-partying foods. I did just eat two hardboiled eggs though since I figured I’ve consumed absolutely no protein all day. Oh! I literally took my multivitamin just now. We’re all set! 🙂

Since there’s not much to blog about in terms of progress goes, here’s better and updated list of my 2012 Health Goals:

1. Everything in moderation. I know for a fact that I will not be able to cut out sweets and fats because I’ve attempted and failed miserably. . . several times. This means no binge eating. I have a serious problem with this late at night. I feel like I already eat pretty healthy in general for the most part, but I have absolutely no control when it comes to portion control. This is what really makes me fall.

2. Run a half marathon in the summer. I don’t care about time or anything like that. I just want to participate in one and actually run/jog the entire time. I’m hoping 6-7 months will be enough time to train. Most programs I’ve found are only a couple of months long.

3. Run a handful of races–especially leading up to the half marathon. So much running! 🙂

4. Figure out some good sleeping tips. My mind tends to go at about 100 mph right when I lay down in bed. I need to learn some good relaxation strategies.

5. Work out 3-4 times a week. I need to figure out a schedule to keep at it. My senior year of college was fantastic because I started 5-6 mornings with an hour long workout followed by an omelette with tons of veggies. Needless to say, I was in the most in-shape, toned, healthiest, and happiest self. I need to get back to that lifestyle.

6. Pack my lunch everyday for work. I’ve been slacking these past few months. I often find myself just snacking or not eating at all because I forget. This ends now.

7. Be as social as possible. I feel like I’ve come out of my shell tremendously in the past few years–especially these last few months. I made a silent commitment to myself when I moved out here that I will NOT sit in my apartment or come back home every single weekend so that I can meet people here. I think I’ve made the right start; I just need to follow through. I’ve learned to enjoy meeting new people and being comfortable enough in my own skin to place myself in foreign situations. I think I’ve definitely proven that this Winter Break. 🙂

8. Blog every single day!

9. Shopping. (How sad is this one!?)

10. Rock the pants off of my job. 🙂

optional: Take a spontaneous trip somewhere. . . completely by myself. I took a pseudo-spontaneous trip in October with a friend down to Decatur for Homecoming. It was possible one of the best things I’d done in 2011 because I learned to let go of control quite a bit. And I was completely ok with it. And it was unbelievably fun.

Tomorrow I’ll write all kinds of fun details about taking action.

3 responses

  1. Ok, I know it’s technically Jan. 2 because it’s 12:15 am, but to be fair, I started this post around 7, saved it as a draft, and then just finished it. I’ll work on this.

  2. Try that reduced fat popcorn for late night snacking! Also I try to have good chocolates around and allow myself one for bad days/ emergency girl mode.

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