Keeping Your Resolutions

As expected, Yahoo News has published an article on advice for sticking with your New Years Resolutions.   The first 2 points apply to our goals for 2012.  If you don’t want to read the whole thing, here are the basics:

For Losing weight:

– Recording what you eat

– Avoiding diet foods, drinking diet sodas actually increases waist size over time

– Increase water intake

For Fitness:

–  Commit to exercising for a month- take it 30 days at a time

– Find what makes you want to exercise (Dancing, exercise buddy, joining a group)

– Move more (march in place during commercials, get off a bus one stop early, etc)


Here is my plan for today:

– Recording exactly what I eat on MyFitnessPal app

– Doing the following exercise (as found on Pinterest)


Sounds do-able to me!

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