The Healthy Eating Plate

To get started with healthy eating, I feel like it would be good to have a general guide on the basics.  Below is an example of a “Healthy Eating Plate” found on the Harvard School of Public Health‘s website  (originally spotted on Pinterest of course!).

I have a great deal of work to do, particularly in the Veggies and healthy protein areas.  I do pretty well with not drinking sugary drinks and whole grains but I can definitely do more.  Where do you guys feel you need work?

The entire site is actually really helpful for nutrition tips.  Definitely check it out!


Also found on Pinterest is this simple weekly set up for workouts.  Basically, I think it is a good start if you want something fairly easy to begin with this month.  It will be good to expand on this as we start to get used to the routine of actually going to a gym and forcing ourselves to be active.

Tomorrow’s the day girls.  AND GO!

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