Strong Start

I am obviously going to be eating the most boring food after seeing your 2 posts, but I did put in an effort by creating a list of planned meals for the week!

Grocery shopping was also on my agenda today, it was surprisingly empty there!  I ended up buying bananas, frozen berries, kiwis, celery, spinach, cucumbers, avacados, all natural peanut butter, almonds, greek vanilla yogurt, hummus, whole wheat bread, bagels, and tortillas.

Below are some of the meals I plan on trying this week (They can be found on this blog: Undressed Skeleton which has some good lower calorie recipes)

Banana Breakfast Bread

Strawberry Banana Bagel

Tropical Jungle Salad- for part of lunch

Weekend Deli Delight

My workout was also very successful.  Here is what I did for my first day:

– 5 minute warm up on an eliptical

– 20 squats with a 22.5 weight

– 40 lunges with an 18 lb bar (20 each leg)

– 20 deadlifts with a 22.5 lb weight

– 40 crunches

– 40 butt-lifts (not really sure of the real name)

-20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill

The entire workout was around 45 minutes and stretching before and after was about 15 minutes total.  I felt pretty good after!  Looking forward to my hour long kick-boxing class tomorrow and some good meals (and the first day back at work from a long break)!

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