I May Have Snuck a Cookie…or 2

Lesson of the day: Don’t let yourself get too hungry! I was starving by 6:00 and in the two minutes it took me to microwave my soup, I had eaten two leftover christmas cookies. G damn it.

Anyhoozles, today is a new day. I had an egg frittata for breakfast, which actually filled me up for most of the morning, a baked potato and broccoli for lunch and Ryan is making something romantic AND healthy for dinner. I’m pretty excited for that. I may even sneak a glass of wine! 🙂

It’s actually really nice that Ryan is doing this as well, though one of us needs to get more motivated about working out.

Jackie- Thanks for the links. I looked at them and I don’t know, it’s not that I don’t have the resources and work out videos (I actually have P90X on my computer), it’s the step of actually doing it. I want to relax at home and it was nice to have that division of relax at home, work out at the gym. It’s hard to say “Ok, I will change into work out clothes and do sit ups on my living room floor.” It’s something I need to get over. That’s it really.

In unrelated news, I’ve come up with an unofficial wedding planning timeline! It is exactly 1 year, 8 months, and 29 days away and I’m actually getting really excited! I want to plan a trip to the OBX in September or October so we get a nice idea of what the weather will be like and to actually SEE the house.

I  just found out that it’s actually really remote- 40 minutes away from the closest grocery store! Thankfully there is so much to do there that boredom won’t be an issue and I think we’re going to plan daily excursions for people who want to get out and sight see.

Kind of related, I want to buy a dress by the beginning of October. Which means 38 weeks to get into awesome wedding dress shape. Eeps.Is it weird that I already want to go dress browsing/ trying on? Hm. No harm in just trying stuff on right?? Maybe?

I also found a few weddings online that were at the house with lists of vendors, so that’s awesome. It’s only been available since May 2011, I didn’t realize how new it was!

Ok- decided. Wedding is tomorrow! Noooo, but really.

I need a quippy ending to my posts.

Peacin’ Out,


2 responses

  1. Yay for Wedding time frame! I would definitely be willing to go to the Outerbanks to check it out…just for you of course 😛

    We can check out dresses whenever you want! It would make sense to buy one in October. When you guys doing engagement photos???

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