Ban Excuses

I’m having a lazy day (aka no gym today)!  I blame Andrew…

I finally made that delicious sandwich for lunch today though- Cucumbers, spinach, low fat cream cheese mixed with low fat cottage cheese and low fat feta cheese, roast beef, and mustard.

It looks a little lopsided… it was yummy though! 🙂  Also ate delicious hummus with Kashi Pita Crisps as a snack.

So I was reminded today about a picture from years and years ago ***embarrassing photo coming up!***

The Early Years...

There are a couple of things I have always taken from this photo (and those deodorant stickers…):

BAN EXCUSES-  I understand the hilariousness of blaming Andrew at the beginning of this post for ME not going to the gym.  I feel that when it comes to New Years Resolutions, wanting to lose weight, wanting to exercise, and so on… Banning Excuses is key.  I know that I use more than my share of excuses and I try to work on it constantly.  BUT excuses are no longer ok, for any of us!  We will all do what we say we are going to do.  We are sticking with our New Years Resolutions!  No more Excuses!  (Look at that positivity!)

BAN SELF DOUBT + INSECURITY-  These are also very important.  If other people can be fit, healthy and happy, why can’t we?  No more feeling insecure about ourselves or how we look.  We must all stop feeling like we can’t do something.  We’ve totally got this.


And that is all folks!

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