Lazy Sunday Update

I obviously have not posted in a few days. Oops.

My weekend actually went pretty well. I stayed pretty healthy Friday and Saturday, though I did have a Daisy Cutter last night. Only one though! With drinking now I decided to try the have one good drink rather than having multiple not very good cheap drinks that I don’t really enjoy. I figure it’ll save me A) Money and B) Calories. Plus why would you have a Bud Light when you could have a tasty beer?

I watched this cool documentary with Rahul and Spencer last night about craft beer and how the Bud company are evil. So that’s it. No more Bud Light. DOWN WITH THE CORPORATIONS! Or something like that.

I decided Sunday is my not counting calories day. Now I decided this mostly because, well we all need a day off. I’m not eating more or worse than I’d eat on a counting day, I’m just taking the day off from counting. It’ll also be interesting to see how my choices change over time on Sundays as time goes on and healthy eating and portion control becomes more of a habit.

Yesterday I took Bruce on a different walk than I normally do and I found an awesome park literally a 5 minute walk from my apartment! They have trails for running and an open field for Bruce to play in, so we’re all pretty excited overall. I really do prefer running on trails in naturey areas, so I’m glad I know that’s there now. So is Bruce.

Well that’s about as interesting as I get this weekend. I’m going to look through some cookbooks for some recipes to try this week and then get some cleaning done. Ick.

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