Progress Update…since Saturday

So its been awhile since I’ve updated on what I’ve been up to.

Well… Saturday was intense!  I only just got feeling back in my arms after that workout!  So I focused on my arms and chest and some abs (i’m trying to do some core stuff every session).  One thing I’m enjoying that Andrew helped me with are stretches before and after the workouts.  I never really stretched before (probably bad) but it feels like a really good way to start and end.  After the stretching I did many dips, pushups, and bench presses and I’m really impressed I stuck through it!

I ended up running into my Kickboxing instructor who was very obviously surprised to see me there on a Saturday…ha!

I did not workout on Monday but I did go to Kickboxing on Tuesday (even though I tried to convince myself not to and to just go next Saturday…).  As always, that was a good workout.  He made us flip a tire…10 times. URGH.  Its neat though because the kickboxing program just got picked up all around the U.S. and because it started here they are getting a TON of new equipment and soon the room will look like a real kickboxing studio (or so he says).  I am excited about that though!

Skipped out a gym today but I started reading a new book in a Starbucks by myself.  2 pretty big things for me!  I also practiced piano for 2+ hours because I just got a new book for my piano lessons that start tomorrow 🙂  Very yay!

Food…hmm.  Doing good!  My snacking has consisted of almonds, blueberries, apples, and snap peas with hummus (love love love).  I’ll admit, I have had a handful or 2 of caramel popcorn from the holidays.  The other day I had a delicious Kashi Mushroom and Spinach Pizza (saved half of it for the lunch the next day).

I have had 2 guilt free meals- On Friday night I had an amazing Blue Cheese Burger (blue cheese-my biggest weakness!) and blue cheese chips.  On Saturday night after the Espn fiasco we went to Wildfire for a FREE dinner (Andrew’s summer boss sponsored it).  This dinner consisted of amazing appetizers (yes goat cheese dip), chopped salad, salmon and steak and mashed potatoes and veggies (brussel sprouts patrice!), and then of course fancy ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  There was NO way I would’ve skipped any of that meal:-P  Sooooo good.

For the rest of the week- plan is to work out tomorrow, friday, and saturday or sunday.  It will happen!

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