I’m Back First!

We are losing steam with our blog!  Oh no!

However…I don’t feel that I’m losing steam with my goals.  In fact, today I was very proud of myself… I had almost talked myself out of going to kickboxing today but I talked myself back into it!  That has been happening a lot more lately which I think is a great sign!

I even tried out another new class yesterday- Barefoot Definitions.  I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did because its all about toning your core through ballet-like moves.  There is a lot of toe pointing and balancing but I enjoyed it because it didn’t take that much coordination.  The only downside was that I didn’t feel like I got an amazing workout after…I was just a little sweaty.  Also, it did get slightly repetitive.  I will for sure try it again next week though!

Tomorrow I’ve got either Cardio Jam or I may try Zumba… we’ll see.

As I sit here drinking Andrew’s Portillo’s Milkshake…I’ll share food progress.  We haven’t made any food lately but part of that is because Andrew is so busy and I don’t wanna make food alone because I am not a very good cook…

I’m sill doing ok food-wise.  Today I tried a Grilled Vegetable Sandwich and it was very yummy.  Also I got a few people at work hooked on the Myfitnesspal app since I’m still using it almost everyday!  Pretty cool 🙂

Actually almost excited to keep working out for the rest of the week!

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