Sun-Dried Tomato and Parsley Pesto

I made food all by myself tonight 🙂 (See above title)

So I went out and purchased all the fun ingredients…

The Ingredients

Here’s the thing….someone didn’t actually read the instructions beforehand and didn’t realize she needed a food processor.  Someone also didn’t want to drive the whole 5 minutes to her parents house because she was already in pjs.  So…..

Blender- not a Food Processor

And Ta-Da!  Turned out kind of pretty right?

Sun-dried Tomato and Parsley Pesto

It took me around an hour (mostly because of the blender thing) but I think it could’ve gone much quicker for an average cook…at most 30 mins.

I think it was good, just a a little too sweet for me.  I couldn’t finish my whole bowl because of that but I’ll probably have some tomorrow at lunch.

Recipe from New Vegetarian Cuisine by Linda Rosenweig.

One response

  1. Dude, I totally bought that bag of tortellini a couple of weeks ago when I stopped by Mariano’s on my way back home. I haven’t tried it yet and it’s currently sitting in my freezer, but I can only assume that it’s delicious.

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