I went to my parents’ house last Sunday for a few hours to do laundry, pick up a few things, and to catch up with my mom. Naturally, my mom packed for me all kinds of Korean food–specifically two different types of marinated meats (aka Korean BBQ): beef (bulgogi) and spicy pork. I’d mentioned previously that I haven’t been eating much meat lately and I might have been trying to satisfy that craving elsewhere (i.e. sweets, cheese and crackers, etc.). This entire week for dinner, I made some kind of Korean food. I kept my rice cooker full of rice (some days white, others brown) and had mini Korean BBQ dinners by myself with lettuce wraps and everything. It turns out that that was exactly what my body needed. My portion control at night was significantly better this week and I didn’t have much of a sweet craving until yesterday (I may have indulged in a [shared] giant slice of red velvet cake and pomegranate cosmos at Kona Grill. . .). I had been avoiding Korean food a little bit since moving out because of its sodium content; I’ve been trying to cut back to prevent bloating which is recurring problem that I have. In case you didn’t know, Korean food consists of lots of healthy ingredients, but is relatively high in sodium because everything is meant to accompany rice. As it turns out, I can’t deny my roots and I need to include Korean food in my diet because it keeps me in check and satisfies a craving that I can’t completely satisfy through other foods. It’s a complete source of comfort that distresses me as well. Without even trying, I lost a full pound this week–all because I added Korean cuisine back into my diet. I guess I should take this as a sign and revert back to certain eating habits.

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