’tis the season of bloat

I find February to be the most uninspiring month of the entire year. Other than the fact my birthday happens in this month, February has always been the dullest month for me. Usually everything is covered in snow around this time, freezing cold, and extremely difficult to travel; it’s the perfect formula for SAD. But, it’s confusing this year because it’s felt like spring every other week. Normally I’d welcome this semi-warm weather, but the inconsistency has been really messing with my body–specifically my sinuses. I feel like I have a headache every other day and I feel incredibly lethargic (which is typically what happens when my sinuses start bothering me). First-year-teacher syndrome is starting to wear off and I’m counting down the days until Spring Break just so I don’t have to work. I haven’t been eating like crazy at night (with the exception of this past weekend), but I’m still not sleeping well which is causing me to bloat. I’m not going to weigh myself anymore because it’s messing with my mind. My regular clothes are getting looser, but my scale keeps telling me I’m gaining weight. I’m seeing muscles again and my core has gotten much stronger, but the scale keeps telling me I’m getting fatter. NO MORE WEIGH INS. I think I might just store it away altogether so I’m not tempted.

On the plus side, I’ve definitely developed a habit of working out. I feel weird on my days off because I didn’t exercise. I’ve gotten significantly stronger and more tone. My personal training sessions are all over. And until I start making twice what I currently do now, PT has been completely cut off for me. But, that’s ok because I’m using equipment and machines that I either was afraid to use before or just simply didn’t know how. Plus, I know how to check myself for good form and all that other silly stuff. Just for that, the money was worth it.

I find out early next month if the school has enough money to keep my position. If not, I’m back on the job search. I’m not going to dwell on it because I know for a fact that administration is very happy with me. It’s just unfortunate that my job is always the first one to go if the school is short on cash–especially since I’m not a full time teacher. I’ve been hoping they’ll bump my position back up to full time, but at this point, I’m just hoping they won’t cut my position altogether. Ugh.

On a happier note, my friend from college is visiting this weekend which I’m really excited about. I haven’t seen her in almost a full year!

2 responses

  1. Sandy Kim! I never read this and I feel awful! I hope everything goes okay with your job and stuff.

    I really enjoyed meeting your friend! I hope next time we can hang out later.

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