Arrivederci Carbs

Well… for now.

I’ve decided to cut back on my carb intake. After researching, most weight comes from people overeating the wrong types of carbs, so that’s my plan. I’m not getting rid of them all together, only because I know when you go back from no carbs to carbs you regain weight like mad crazy.

Not gonna lie, have not started my work out plan yet. I feel like every time I’m gung ho about starting, something happens. I had an awful cold last week that basically made it painful to get off the couch. Poo.

In happy news, we officially repicked a wedding venue and a new date. After all the family stuff happening, we realized our families could no longer afford our original plan (sorry guys! I know we were all looking forward to a mostly free beach vacation!), so we started looking at other unique venues. Well we found everything from a ranch in the mountains of North Carolina to a vineyard in Michigan.

We eventually landed on Heritage Prairie Farm RIGHT HERE IN ILLINOIS WHAT?! I am a little sad that we won’t be having a destination wedding anymore (good bye childhood dreams…. sigh…), but this place is pretty much awesome. You get the farm for the day and EVERYTHING is included (tables, chairs, linens, dishes, set up, tent, dance floor, food, BOOZE, favors…), the only things we have to bring in are DJ, photo, and a cake! You can decorate the tent however you want, but it comes with basic decorations that I think are pretty awesome, but of course I’m going to DIY that shit and make it super super awesome. The date is now early September 2013 on a Friday night.

Some wedding examples from the farm for your viewing pleasure:

That’s about it! 2 hours until I’m out of work and then time to relax this weekend.


I May Have Snuck a Cookie…or 2

Lesson of the day: Don’t let yourself get too hungry! I was starving by 6:00 and in the two minutes it took me to microwave my soup, I had eaten two leftover christmas cookies. G damn it.

Anyhoozles, today is a new day. I had an egg frittata for breakfast, which actually filled me up for most of the morning, a baked potato and broccoli for lunch and Ryan is making something romantic AND healthy for dinner. I’m pretty excited for that. I may even sneak a glass of wine! 🙂

It’s actually really nice that Ryan is doing this as well, though one of us needs to get more motivated about working out.

Jackie- Thanks for the links. I looked at them and I don’t know, it’s not that I don’t have the resources and work out videos (I actually have P90X on my computer), it’s the step of actually doing it. I want to relax at home and it was nice to have that division of relax at home, work out at the gym. It’s hard to say “Ok, I will change into work out clothes and do sit ups on my living room floor.” It’s something I need to get over. That’s it really.

In unrelated news, I’ve come up with an unofficial wedding planning timeline! It is exactly 1 year, 8 months, and 29 days away and I’m actually getting really excited! I want to plan a trip to the OBX in September or October so we get a nice idea of what the weather will be like and to actually SEE the house.

I  just found out that it’s actually really remote- 40 minutes away from the closest grocery store! Thankfully there is so much to do there that boredom won’t be an issue and I think we’re going to plan daily excursions for people who want to get out and sight see.

Kind of related, I want to buy a dress by the beginning of October. Which means 38 weeks to get into awesome wedding dress shape. Eeps.Is it weird that I already want to go dress browsing/ trying on? Hm. No harm in just trying stuff on right?? Maybe?

I also found a few weddings online that were at the house with lists of vendors, so that’s awesome. It’s only been available since May 2011, I didn’t realize how new it was!

Ok- decided. Wedding is tomorrow! Noooo, but really.

I need a quippy ending to my posts.

Peacin’ Out,