Gotta Be Startin Something

So I have officially jogged 3 miles in the past two days! WHAT NOW?!

Now that I’ve started, I remember how awesome it feels after a run. The trick is not to miss a day for a while and we should be good! Ryan’s awesome and keeping me super motivated. Due to the fact that his legs are a tad longer than mine, he tends to go faster than me, but every time I’m slowing down or about to stop he pushes me a little bit further than I thought I could go. 

I knew I could do it, I just had to start in my own time I guess. I’m actually excited about the 5k now. We figured out it takes about a half hour of running/fast walking to do 1.5 miles, so we should finish the 5K in about an hour. My goal is 50 minutes. 

Also I am signing up for the Warrior Dash when I get paid next, so that’s also exciting. 

Sidenote: I’m considering going back to school for marketing/ brand development. Thoughts?

I know this blog is dead, but I thought I’d add this here. A little too late, I know, but I feel good about it.


I’m at the point where going to the gym everyday has become a habit. I think they say it takes about 6 weeks to form a habit. Turns out them scientists are correct. I’ve gotten back to the point where I really enjoy exercising and I’m seeing the results. Now, my weight is a different story. No change. Still. I’m having a problem with bloating. I think it my be directly correlated to my sleeping. I guess I’ve been stressed out because I haven’t been sleeping well the last couple of weeks. Melatonin gets me there, but my body keeps waking up after 4 hours. I don’t feel well rested, but I’m wide awake.

What could be causing the stress?

The Not So Glorious Return of Me

I’m not gonna lie, I may have dropped off the planet for a few weeks.

Positive things:

My sister visited this past weekend, which is always fun.

I bought a pair of shoes for only $7.40.

We’re looking into new wedding venues, which could be seen as negative, but the options we’re finding are actually super cool venues that I’m equally as excited for.

Birthday weekend!! Sandy on Saturday and Ryan on Sunday!

That’s about it. Ryan and I are starting Couch to 5K next week, which now that the weather isn’t tooooo bad should be easier to keep up. We’ll see how this goes.


Long time no post

Hm, I guess I should post something since I haven’t in like a bajillion years. Oops.

I have successfully gone to the gym 5-6 days a week during the month of January. Now, has there been much a difference? As far as weight and size goes, not so much. BUT I’ve developed more muscle (which is visible in my eyes) and I’ve gotten much stronger. I’ve tried to count calories and omit white junk from my diet, but the truth is I love all different kinds of food too much. One of my goals was “everything in moderation”. A restricting diet simply doesn’t work for me because I need variety in my food. By limiting myself too much, I seem to indulge elsewhere (in terms of food) which has a much more negative consequence. Here’s the thing: I’m going to stop weighing myself after next Wednesday (my last personal training session so I’ll have no choice) for the remainder of February. Focusing on a number is stressing me out too much. The thing is I’m currently at my desired pant/dress size; it’s just that my clothes have gotten slightly tighter over the past couple of months. But I haven’t gotten big enough to move up a size either. I’m going to gauge my progress (after next Wednesday) solely on how my clothes fit. I’m not looking to drop a million pounds nor trying to implement a completely new lifestyle. Therefore, I’m going to think back to the mind set I had my senior year of college which was to stay as healthy as possible so I wouldn’t be sick for my senior recital. Basically, I was worried that I would catch the plague right before my senior voice recital so I made a conscious effort to get 8 hours of sleep every night, took my vitamins, went to the gym 5-6 times a week, and ate very well. I really worked out like crazy then simply to ensure I had the stamina to perform a full recital by myself. I also knew that I would be living it up most days/nights since it was my last year in college and I didn’t want to leave having finally gained the Freshman 15. That mindset of “must stay healthy so I can survive my senior recital” helped me lose weight and drop down a size–all organically. I made no conscious decision to lose weight. So from here on out, I’m going to have the mindset of “must stay healthy so I can survive the remainder of my first year of teaching” because I know that’s what will work for me. Checking the scale and trying to count calories seems to be backfiring at the moment. Like I previously mentioned, I’m at the same size I was my senior year of college (which is what I refer back to as my happy size/weight), but things are a little tighter in certain areas. I’m not going to count calories, have weekly weigh-ins with myself, or follow a strict, restrictive diet because it simply doesn’t seem to fit my lifestyle and personality. I honestly believe wholeheartedly focusing on staying healthy so I can survive the school year is a much more obtainable goal for me. Let’s see how it works!

So I Want to Workout but…


HA!  Snow is the best excuse ever.  We all go out of work at 2 today which was fantastic!  I should’ve gone straight to the gym though because roads were still pretty clear.  It could be that my neighborhood just hasn’t been addressed in a while…

Convince me to workout.  And go!

I’m behind…

I have a bunch of updates but it has been pretty crazy since Saturday.

Poor little Espn is sick…and because of it he has peed on my bags and my bed. Ickk but I still feel bad for him 😦


I had to leave him at the vet last night and I’m picking him up sometime this morning.  I think even little Maeby missed him because she let out these mournful meows this morning after she was fed.  *sigh*

Anyway, I’ll do a real update later today to catch you all up on the last few days 🙂

Update…just got a call from the vet.   Espn has a fever so they want to keep him a few more hours 😦  urgh.