End of Jan!

So…here we are 1 month in!

I went to the gym 15 times this month!  This is the most I’ve ever been in a month so I feel pretty proud of that…especially since I actually worked out every one of those days.  Boo Yah!

Today I had a delicious Harvest Salad that included chicken, couscous, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, currants, sunflower seeds, and creamy basil dressing.  Really good!  I like that I’ve become more willing to try new things.  Which brings me to another thing…

I’m getting ready to train for a 5K as we all discussed earlier this month!  March seems a little close for me but I feel that I can be ready for May.  So I asked the best runner I know- my sister Danielle 🙂  She is going to help me put together a training calendar.  She recommended looking up “Couch to 5K” as a good way to get started training.  I’m going to have to take a look…

I had a great talk with her last night and its pretty cool because she is into a lot of the stuff I’ve been getting into.  She has been using myfitnesspal and says she is concerned with how much sugar she gets in a day too.  So she sent me an ebook called “I Quit Sugar and got clean, got well, lost weight, and became a much nicer person” by Sarah Wilson.  The book explains what to do week by week to cut out sugar.  I think I’ll give it a try!

One other thing I have been thinking about is doing the gym’s “90 Day Challenge” it is mostly used for weight loss but it can also be used to set other goals.  Basically you meet with a trainer in the beginning and they detail a plan for you over the 90 days.  I will get workouts to do and will meet with the trainer in a group every once in a while during those 90 days.  Its all about accountability and guidance and I think both of those would really help.  I’m not sure though…what do you guys think, should I try it?